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Barker’s Theory The Origin of Chronic Disease

A lot of theories tried to explain how diseases developed and how it can be cured, all of it points out that the root cause was malnutrition. buy modafinil uk next day delivery Another theory was created by Dr. Avid Barker, M.D., Ph.D., FRS that explains how malnutrition during early life can develop into chronic diseases like hypertension, coronary heart disease and diabetes.

According to the theory “Origin of Chronic Disease” low birth weight infants has the greatest tendency to develop chronic disease in their later life. During pregnancy, when the mother is malnourished-too thin or too fat-the fetus body’s whose not yet ready for normal functioning will do everything to cope up with its malnourished environment. The cells inside the fetus’ body will sacrifice itself to sustain the life of the unborn child resulting to a lower number of necessary cells for normal functioning. The organs inside the fetus’ body needs every cell it can make to prepare the fetus for its life outside the womb-a lower number of cells of the pancreas will result to an underdeveloped pancreas that could be link to diabetes, thus the more malnourished the mother is the more defect it can cause to the baby.

When the baby is born, he/she will undergo another adaptation process in his/her new environment, colder temperature-the body is 37°C, feeding on his own-inside the womb the baby directly receives the necessary nutrients it needs without undergoing the digestive process, all of this must be done by the baby by itself to survive . With an abundant food outside the womb, the child with underdeveloped organs will strive hard to live by eating too much than what they can handle by taking too much that what they need, the result is obesity in their childhood life and later may develop to chronic disease.

To prevent this scenario from happening, before conception, the parents must be well nourished and well prepared: physically, emotionally and financially, not just to save the life of the developing fetus but also to endure all the stresses of starting a family. The mother must do its best to stay healthy during pregnancy: well nourished, undergo light exercises, have enough sleep and declining all type of vices. She must also protect the baby physically by avoid any chances of bumps, falls, or any type of accidents, and even depression since a single emotion could be felt by the baby – the mother and the baby live as one. And when the baby was born, teach him/her the importance of proper nutrition -not too few not too much, monitor their growth to be sure that he/she is not too thin nor too fat, give him/her the proper attention and affection, show them how it feels to be loved by their parents and give them all the support they need to gain confidence to prepare them well to face the world with a smile.