Limousine Royalty

Royalty Limousine service information

This is an agreement between wedding limo perth and the Client signing and/or paying below. Client agrees on their own behalf as well as for and on behalf of all other occupants during the service provided. By signing or booking with Limousine Royalty the Client indicates they have read and agree to the following terms and conditions.

Delays. Time delays caused by weather, traffic conditions, mechanical problems or any other reason beyond the control of the chauffeur or Limousine Royalty are not the responsibility of Limousine Royalty. Delay by the Client of more than 15 minutes after scheduled pick up shall result in charges reverting to the normal hourly and minimum rate for the vehicle regardless of any quoted flat or airport rate.

Rates. Quoted hourly rates begin at the agreed pick up time and are due in full for the quoted minimum hours regardless of vehicle use by the Client. Rates will be adjusted accordingly after minimum hours if service runs short or beyond agreed time. Full hourly rate is due if service runs into additional hours with no partial hour discounts.

Extended hours must be cleared with Limousine Royalty management and are not at the discretion of the chauffeur and are subject to availability of the vehicle. Booking a chauffeur to drive your private vehicle, client agrees to hold harmless assigned chauffeur, Limousine Royalty and all subcontracted services for any and all damages, accidents or occurences, that client’s vehicle is fully insured under California law requirements and that chauffeur is covered as additional driver under said policy.

Cancellation. A nonrefundable 50% deposit is due for hourly booking. A 20% fee for all flat rate or hourly cancellations applies. No cancellation within 72 hours of day of any booking and such cancellations-rebookings will be charged the full fare. Airport or any other no-show pick-ups will be charged the full fare. Flight changes not in writing, email or phoned in are not the responsibility of Limousine Royalty although we make every effort to check inbound flight arrival times.

Detailing/Cleaning fees. Cleaning fees of a minimum of $150 will be charged to parties who fail to maintain reasonable sanitation /behavior in or out of the vehicle, [vomit, spilled drinks, deliberate actions]. Normal cleaning/activity, used glasses, paper, other trash are to be expected and are not considered for charges at discretion of Limousine Royalty. No food in any vehicle without express permission of management.

Damage. Any and all damage by any passenger, occupant or guest of the Client is the liability of the Client. Client further agrees that Limousine Royalty may in its sole discretion determine if any damage caused by the Client or the Client’s guests requires repair by a third party and such damage will be charged to the Client’s credit/debit card given at booking. Client shall be responsible in addition to the cost of repair for the period of time the vehicle is out of service as a consequence of said damages and repairs. Client agrees to pay damages of the actual amount of any lost bookings or the cost of subcontracting lost bookings to another limousine service. If said costs are impractical to determine then Client shall pay liquidated damages of $250.00 per weekday and $500.00 per weekend day that the vehicle is out of service due to damages.

Lost items. Items left in the vehicles are not the responsibility of Limousine Royalty although Limousine Royalty will make every effort to locate the items and return them at the Client’s expense. Hourly charges will be due at Limousine Royalty’s discretion prior to return of items if vehicle must return to drop point immediately.

Civility. Incapacitated, intoxicated or otherwise abusive or unlawful behavior by any Client, passenger or guest inside or outside of the vehicle is grounds for immediate termination of service without refund and Client will be immediately removed from vehicle. Criminal or unlawful activity is not the responsibility of Limousine Royalty or its chauffeurs. No passenger may stand out of the moon roof at any time and any fines or charges will be the responsibility of the Client.

Alcoholic beverages may be consumed only by passengers over 21 years of age. No minors transported without parent or guardian at any time.Pursuant to the foregoing agreed terms, I, the Client or their representative, authorize Limousine Royalty to charge my/company credit/debit card for agreed quoted charges, authorizations, services rendered and any damages incurred. Cash deposits must be received by Limousine Royalty before any confirmation of booking.