With 24 hour/ 7 days a week monitoring of your system you can be assured of rapid response to any situation, whether it is an intruder alarm activation, panic alarm or smoke alarm. Trained, professional and friendly staff will respond to Intruder Alarms, Panic Alarms, Emergency Alarms or Smoke Alarms and will always be there for you.

With supervised monitoring we can keep an eye on your system and monitor your open and closing times ensuring that your system is armed when it should be. We can also advise of any un-authorized entry after hours.

In addition we are able to offer you high level security monitoring by using wireless GSM/GPRS Surepoll systems. Through regular polling there is constant communication between your Security System and our Monitoring Centre.

Your peace of mind is our priority!

Because we don’t require long term monitoring contracts you are not locked in and in the unlikely event that you are ever unhappy with our Service or Performance you are free to choose another provider.