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Recent decade has seen a rise in the demand for the split and ductless air conditioner from across the world. The emergence of new technologies and use of standard accessories in manufacturing these equipments have made them more superior and efficient than there older models – according to air conditioning Melbourne.

Earlier a high decibel noise was associated with a running air conditioner but the technologies have helped to develop low noise generating air conditioners. The split air conditioner is silent and has a 13 seer energy efficiency rating. The ductless air conditioner comes with an individual dehumidifying operation which controls the amount of moisture in the area. Multi fan sped selection mode is available to suit the requirement of the user.

These ductless air conditioners have a capacity of 2 ton and have a heating capacity which is generated from inbuilt heat pump technology. These split air conditioner can be wall mounted and installed easily. The combination of these advance technology makes the use of these equipments much easier and boosts its performance in the long run.

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Design And Features of Klimair 24000 BTU Mini Ductless Air Conditioner
The design of these ductless air conditioners is done keeping in mind the safety concern related with these equipments and Klimair 24000 BTU Mini Ductless Air Conditioner is quality tested and certified by the ETL. These are made especially to meet all the requirements laid down by the US government for national standard and codes for safe and easy installation.
The other advance features of this sophisticated ductless air conditioner make sit one of the unmatched equipment among its competitors. These are elegant and compact in size which makes them more portable and easy to transfer and transport. The ultra quite fan coil which is fitted in these air conditioners eliminates the unnecessary noise.

The ease of operating this heavy Klimair 24000 BTU Mini Ductless Air Conditioner makes it more user friendly as it can be controlled easily by the remote. The remote control for these ductless air conditioners is designed with a LCD screen which displays the temperature regularly with well placed buttons for easy navigation to control other features. The remote control is ergonomically designed to make it sturdier.

The other features which also lend some useful features to this Klimair 24000 BTU Mini Ductless Air Conditioner are epoxy powder coating all over the surface, high gauge material and dimensional accuracy. These are built to work according to the ambient temperature and provide maximum comfort to the end users.

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