How to Work Kitchen Wall Decor into your Room

Kitchen wall decor is really a different kind of artwork. It’s really going to have to hold up to a lot of different odors and even grease. The really important thing to keep in mind is that you might not have tons of wall space in your room. Most of this is going to be taken up by your home renovations melbourne cabinetry or tile. So when you get a chance to decorate and bring in color inexpensively you really need to maximize the opportunity to make sure that what you are bringing in will work with your theme and really give a cohesive sense of style.

One thing to keep in mind with kitchen wall decorations is that they can also be quite useful. In fact it’s a way to bring a theme in your room without breaking the bank. For instance display shelves really give you the opportunity to show off a lot of different spaces or even cookware. This is essential for small kitchens. Plus, then you really won’t have to worry about going with a theme because the theme is food, which is very expected for a kitchen but just doing things in more modern ways really changes things up.

This can be a way to work in a theme such as going with Italian kitchen wall decor. Tuscan kitchens are very popular but you might not be up for a renovation right now. Instead, you can just try bringing in this theme with your accessories. An Italian kitchen can showcase the beautiful countryside or just the classical kinds of artwork that feature bowls of fruit. You can even just paint an oversized wall tile or plaque that mimics stone. You want to make sure that this isn’t extremely heavy or that you secure it properly but this can make a big impact with just using very traditional kind of colors.

If you’re going for country kitchen wall decor then you might want to do something a little bit different than the expected roosters or cross stitch. Instead, you could just try to collect items. You can make a big impact just by hanging old candy molds or copper cookware on the walls. Even if it’s functional it can still be very beautiful.

Another option would be to paint directly on the wall. This can save you a lot of money and allows you to get a very unique look. Wall words are very popular and you can create the same look yourself by using a stencil but this isn’t going to be removable. You might want to skip a lot of the decorations or just add very traditional or elegant kind of swirls or leaves. This is going to keep it from seeming too country. The other really great thing about this is that you can use any color that is going to coordinate with your background paint color. It also gives you a chance to customize things that are important to you. You can even try translating your family motto into Spanish or French. This is going to be a great personal touch to a theme that you might not have seen done before.

If you do decide to go with just a pattern on the wall then make it graphic. Go with an oversized damask print that covers your entire wall to mimic wallpaper. This is going to be the focal point and its way to add a lot of life to just a plain black and white kitchen. This can mimic wallpaper without the expense or the cleaning worries.

This is also an opportunity for organization. You can bring in items such as calendars, memo boards, bulletin boards, or fabric for bulletin boards. This allows you to create a central workstation for your entire family because often times the kitchen is where you jot down your grocery lists. This is also where you will take or leave messages whenever someone calls on the home phone. It’s important to still give a very cohesive kind of look. You might want to get a decorative notepad or just remove any of the items that you don’t need anymore to keep things from looking too cluttered or disorganized.

Wall Decor Ideas

You can also have a lot of fun with decals or stickers. This could be simple word wall art that goes on your cabinet bulkhead. You can even get vinyl wall decals that give you the uttermost in design trends and decor. These accents can even be used on tile and these stickers are a totally removable decoration. Wall tattoos are one of the more popular brands and this helps you take outdated tile into more of a retro design look.

For more of an understated or Tuscan look then metal sculptures are the way to go. Tin wall tiles are really popular right now but if you don’t need a new backsplash then try this out. This could be wrought iron or more of a “Live laugh love” sign look. This can even be an accent around cheap mirrors.

Usually butterfly wall hangings would seem better suited for a kids bedroom. Instead, you could just paint these stainless steel for diy home art. It doesn’t have to look like it’s for a baby if you really just go with large versions and really repeat it over and over so it can have a big impact. You can even take a star version and use the same principle. These aren’t just suitable for kids, childrens, and girls rooms if you change the palette.

You can also go with more of a tropical look. Traditionally you would see this more in a bathroom or living room. However, you could just paint a canvas with a zebra look in black and white. However, wooden panels will have more of an Asian kind of look. These 3d kinds of accents are going to be more suitable for your breakfast nook. Right now painted cabinets are very popular but using a warmer kind of decore still makes it approachable.

You can also try going with inspirational looks with decals. You could put up quotes about friendship that will inspire you to spend more time in the kitchen or even learn how to cook. Since this is so inexpensive you can even make it coordinate with your dining room or entryway. This is the least expensive way to get unique and personalized look just by using letters.

The other option for metal art is going to be what some people call rod iron but is really wrought iron. For a shabby chic look you want to make sure that you go with distressed white and black scroll work. You could also make it work in the western and rustic style just by using brown and red paints together. Some copper works as well too and it can really mimic rust or a patina depending on whether or not you want a Tuscan look. A fleur de lis look will seem very French with black wrought iron while the Tuscan style is going to use more of an oil rubbed bronze.

If you like wood letters then choose the beach or metal kind of design. This will use floating shelves where you can display shells or a mosaic framed mirror. It can also incorporate hooks where you can hang up fisherman’s hats for a touch of a softer fabric. In fact you can really just make a collage of a lot of the items that you might have in a closet or attic somewhere.

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