Our Alarm Monitoring Partner - OnWatch Pty Ltd - is one of Australia's premiere and most technologically advanced alarm monitoring service providers with a commitment to providing the best possible service for OUR customers.

OnWatch has been created solely to deliver the most technologically advanced services for commercial and residential premises. OnWatch also provides monitoring services for our Personal and Vehicle GPS Tracking Solutions.

Because of their specialisation in providing Alarm Monitoring Services (and the fact that they own and operate their own control room), OnWatch helps us to provide premium service for commercial and residential premises at very reasonable rates.

Why did we choose OnWatch as our Alarm Monitoring Partner?

  • Their state-of-the-art equipment and software means they can personalise their control room responses to meet your individual needs and requirements
  • Their control room systems are configured with full backup in the event of computer, telecommunications or power outages. Systems include built-in uninterruptable power supplies (UPS), external generators and a third-party A1 grade control room.
  • Their personnell are friendly, professional, and some of the best to be found in the industry today.
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